have you heard of an oheysis
19. June 2014

Here at work. Been doing the best.
No off-sick period, but be late occasionally. Fine. And tomorrow, either. She was on the phone with her mom ranting about some ongoing problems. Then the mom reignited her stories and sent cheer-up through the line like supporting my own trips around the corner. Tearful throwback mixed with the present. The reason she is going to be late is that she to… stop it otherwise I will probably be detected.
But partly I hurt my right leg muscles and got a rash on my wrist again as I hadn’t put gloves on.
But actually it’s time to shout Fights out against such strenuous work and life.
I am just I love what I have been assigned to do though

15. June 2014

is our manner, particularly in work. Oight not to be fiddling around. You are good, no offense, yet sometimes stay too much out of the proper turf.
Don’t let the stereotype be long engraved.

11. June 2014


This way students get “real world work experience” before finishing school.   This is in answer to a question about students choosing career paths as teenagers, and then realizing after college that their degree actually has nothing to do with what they really want to do in life.

#education and other readers’ thoughts to such a format?

(via adventuresinlearning)

analyticalmuslim said: Write a poem about writing a poem.


Haha, I see what you did there.

Everywhere she turns,
words tickle her throat,
eager to jump out onto
fresh pages of possibility.

Each stanza caresses
the next as hungry eyes
devour vivid imagery.
Lips dance to the tune
of a rhythmic flow and
tremble when the true
meaning behind each
line finally sinks in.

It is enough to uplift
her and break her
heart all at once.

holligriff said: When people say "omg I love coffee" and when you ask what their favorite drink is, they say, "vanilla bean frappuccino" how do you respond?


I’ve never actually had this done to me, but I’d probably smirk at the hilarity. 

31. May 2014

left until I fly back to Bangkok.
And today is the 45th day here

Exactly 100 Days in the US

No wonder